My Phone is Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing

Are you having trouble? Are you having trouble with your smartphone? It’s possible that the battery percentage is not increasing but it’s charging. Don’t panic, you’re in the right place to find the solution. This article will provide all the answers and reasons. Continue reading to learn more.

Why is my phone showing charging but not increasing in battery percentage?

If your phone is charging but not showing an increase in battery percentage, this means your battery isn’t charging. This could be because it doesn’t get enough voltage, your cable is damaged or your battery is not in good condition.

To get your battery back to normal, first diagnose the problem. We will show you how to fix the problem of your battery not increasing when charging.

Why is my battery percentage declining?

There are many reasons why this might happen, as I mentioned earlier. What are the reasons for this issue?

  • The charging cord is broken.

If the charging cable becomes damaged, it won’t give out the required ampere rate to charge the phone efficiently.

If this happens, you should inspect the cable carefully to make sure there are no damages. If damage is discovered, you can replace the cable. Next, charge the phone and check the percentage. If the percentage increases like it does normally, the problem is solved.


  • A damaged charging port.

There is a good chance that your charging port is damaged if your phone is old or you use different charging cables.

The charging port on your device will not be affected by damage because it connects and disconnects the charger repeatedly automatically.

When this happens, you have no choice but to repair your phone at a repair shop. The problem can be fixed once the port has been repaired.

  • Battery failure.

Your phone can become so weak that it won’t charge if it is plugged in. It’s very rare for your phone to be without a weak battery if it is used for a prolonged period of time. Each charging cycle causes the battery to lose a portion of its charge capacity.

While another charger can be used for charging your phone, it won’t replace a dead battery. Although you may be able to point fingers at the charger for your troubles, a battery will still work regardless of how it is charged.

Because of its weakness, the battery cannot retain the current and discharges at the same rate as it flows in.

A bad battery will cause your percentage to drop. It’s time to check your battery if you are having difficulty moving your battery percentage forward.

  • Low Voltage

Your phone may also say it’s charging but not charge due to low voltage/current.

Your phone’s battery will not grow if your power supply goes down.

This is most common in countries with poor power supplies. Check the voltage if your phone seems to be charging but does not show an increase in battery percentage.

What can you do? You can avoid any damage by unplugging your phone while you wait for the low-voltage issue to be resolved. Plug it back in, and you will see the percentage of charge increase.

What can I do if my smartphone isn’t charging? (Android and IOS).

  • Restart or turn off your phone.

This is a magic fix for all tech problems and usually works. Sometimes, a simple restart can reset your phone’s settings and make it work again. Your smartphone’s battery may be charged by turning off the phone completely.

Heavy usage and background processes can affect charging performance. By turning off your phone, all resources are freed up and your phone can focus on charging. You can restart your phone by pressing and holding down the power button.

  • Replace the charger.

Imagine your phone charging but it’s not charging. You may also be using a slow charger.

The charger charges so slowly you can’t use your phone while it is charging. The phone drains more battery when it is charging and the charger cannot keep up. We recommend you buy a new charger.

  • The cable has been cut.

Many phone charging cables are no longer reliable. You might try a different charging cable to charge your phone. You might be able to solve your problem with battery percentage if you look beyond the current cable you are using. If your charger is being used often, it can become loose.

Slack or damaged cables can transmit very little of the current through them. The battery percentage of the phone does not change even when it is charged.

Frequent twisting of charging cables can cause damage over time. Wall adapters can be damaged by high voltage or a short in the USB port.

  • Clean the charging port.

This is another reason why your phone is not charging faster than it should. Are you sure your charging port is clean? This should be done immediately. It could be due to a dirty or spoiled charging port.

What can you do? First, unplug the phone’s charging port. Next, plug it back in. If the problem persists go to your nearest service center and request a replacement charging port.

Last words

We hope you found the best solution to your problem with the phone not charging and the battery percentage not increasing. If you find this article useful, please share it with friends. We appreciate your time.

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