What is a Dumbbell Pullover and How Does It Work

A dumbbell pullover can be included in strength training. It can help to strengthen your lat and pectoral muscles. The dumbbell pullover is a great exercise to improve your upper body strength.

You can adjust the weight to suit your needs. Start with less weight, then gradually increase it to reach your chest and thighs harder.

How to Make Dumbbell Pullovers

As with all strength training exercises, it is important to master the dumbbell pullover chest exercise. You could put strain on your back and abdominal muscles if you do the pullover chest exercise for back wrongly. This guide will show you how to do dumbbell chest pullingovers correctly.

  1. Place your feet on a bench or a bench and place them on the ground. Slide your feet sideways so that the gap is larger than the bench.
  2. You can hold dumbbells in both your hands and roll on the bench to support your head, neck and back.
  3. Now extend your arms straight out, just above your chest.
  4. Turn your palms towards each other by bending your elbows.
  5. Breathe in and engage your core. Then, bring the weights back over your head.
  6. The weights should reach behind your head in a slow, steady movement.
  7. Breathe in and then return the weights to your chest.

Dumbbell Pullover Exercise: Muscles Worked

Here’s a list of major muscle groups that are affected by dumbbell pullover exercises:

  • Pectoral Muscles
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Triceps
  • Serratus muscle

Benefits of Dumbbell Pullovers

Regular practice will bring you these pullover exercise benefits:

1. You can increase your upper body strength:

The dumbbell pullover for chest exercises, as we have just said, targets a number major muscle groups in your upper-body. These muscles are located in your chest, hands and side of your ribs.

2. Increases your shoulder mobility

Many strength training exercises require you to use your shoulder joint. These exercises are impossible if the joint doesn’t allow for enough mobility. The dumbbell pullover is a great way to get strength training. It increases your mobility and strengthens your shoulders.

3. Stabilizes Your Core:

Cross bench pullover activates your core muscles, lower back muscles and even glutes during the entire range of motion. You will stabilize your core if you do this exercise correctly.

4. It’s easy to practice:

Many strength training exercises are notorious for being difficult to master. Although dumbbell pullover chest exercises are included in strength training it can be adjusted. This is due to two reasons: First, an incline platform is used in the pullover chest exercise for back. Second, you can adjust your body’s weight according to your comfort. It can be done at home with variations such as the cable pullover and medicine ball pullover.

Dumbbell pullovers in other variations

You can modify the dumbbell chest pullover exercise to suit your fitness level and goals. These are some cross bench pullover variations that you can include in your home gym.

1. Reduce the Number of dumbbells

You can lift one dumbbell if you find lifting two dumbbells too difficult. Simply place one dumbbell in your free hand and perform the pullover exercise. Cable pullover can be done with dumbbells or a cable.

2. Do more for your back:

You can point your elbows towards your feet if you want to focus more on your chest than your back. You will be able to hit your back muscles more with this pullover chest exercise.

3. Take care of your whole body:

You can use a stability ball to stabilize your upper body. Your whole body will be able to do the dumbbell chest pullover exercise.

Safety Tips and Precautions

Here are some safety tips and precautions to remember when you do dumbbell pullovers.

  • Warm-up exercises or stretches are important before you start dumbbell pullovers for your chest. This will stimulate your muscles and allow you to pull heavy weights at home.
  • You should not do dumbbell pullovers if you have suffered a recent injury to your shoulders, or a structural limitation that prevents you from moving your shoulders properly. There are many other strength training exercises that can be done on the chest, without requiring full shoulder mobility.
  • Make sure your hands are strong enough to lift dumbbells. You will need to pull the dumbbells above your head during this pullover exercise. You can do the shoulder pullover exercises without weights if you’re a complete beginner.
  • You should stop doing pullover chest exercises if you feel pain. Discuss the matter with a physical therapist to ensure that it is not a sign of a major health condition.
  • Two sets of 7-10 reps is sufficient if you’re just beginning the dumbbell pullover back exercise. You can increase your weight and perform more reps once you feel strong enough to do the shoulder pullover.


The dumbbell pullover can be a simple but effective exercise that you can add to your training for beginners. Start the exercise with no weight or less and then increase your weight according to how strong you are. This exercise will strengthen your lats and pecs muscles if you keep to your routine.

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