What should I do if my phone screen is flickering or shaking?

It’s not cool to see your phone screen flickering on your smartphone. It can cause severe eye irritations and even disrupt sensitive eyesight. A functioning display is essential for proper smartphone use. We will show you how to fix a flickering screen or shaking.

Why does my phone screen flicker or shake?

The problem of your phone’s screen flickering is often caused by a software issue, but it could also be a hardware problem.

Software Issues

Flickering caused by software issues in your smartphone’s screen is often due to an app that requires a higher resolution than your phone’s GPU. Your smartphone’s Graphics Processing Unit (or your smartphone’s GPU) is usually responsible for rendering images.

Sometimes apps and videos may require a higher resolution. This is where problems can arise. When apps or videos require a higher resolution than your GPU can render, an encoder from the Central Processing Unit is used to do the rendering. When your phone switches between the CPU encoder and the GPU, mobile screen flickering occurs.

Hardware Issues

The LCD panel is usually the cause of smartphone screen flickering. The LCD panel could have a problem or the connector may be defective.

How can I stop my screen from flickering or shaking?

This annoying problem can be stopped in a variety of ways.

Flickering in Video Calls – This could be an Internet Speed Issue

The signal strength of the network is a major factor in video calls. Strong networks will ensure a seamless transmission and full engagement of audio and voice capabilities.

It’s the opposite with a poor network. Remember that graphics are rendered by your phone’s GPU. Flickering is caused by a poor network. Graphics aren’t ‘flowing’ enough for your GPU’s GPU to render them accurately. This problem can be solved by connecting to a faster network.

Restart your device

This can refresh your phone’s components especially if it is not flickering so much. Sometimes your phone’s processor may have too many tasks and send to the GPU. This can cause flashing on the screen.

Also, restarting your device can help clear out background memory-sucking processes.

Clear cache (Android only).

You can also clear your phone’s cache to prevent the screen from flickering or blinking. Your phone’s system cache acts in the same way as an app cache. It stores data that your phone requires to work properly and boot up.

Flickering can occur when data associated with the GPU of your phone is corrupted. Clearing the cache will resolve the problem. Follow these steps to clear your phone’s cache

  • Turn off your phone
  • Hold down the volume button and power buttons until your phone turns on. (Check your phone’s manufacturer website for the exact combination to enter recovery mode).
  • You will be asked for your PIN/password. Enter it on the lock screen.
  • Navigate to locate a Clear cache’ and a Wipe cache’ option.
  • After you have selected the option, you will receive a prompt to confirm your decision. The cache will be cleared once you confirm. This decision cannot be reversed.
  • To power up your Android OS device, use the reboot option from the recovery mode screen.

Safe Mode Boot (Android only).

You can also try to stop the flickering and shaking by booting your phone in safe mode. You should note that safe mode will not ‘cure” flickering. This is to check if your screen flickers. If the screen flickers, it is likely that there is a software problem.

These steps will allow you to boot your Android phone into safe mode.

  • Hold down the power button and wait until the power off option is displayed.
  • Hold the button down and wait for it to turn on.
  • You’ll be asked to enable your phone to boot into safe mode when your phone screen turns on. Wait for your phone to reboot in safe mode before you tap ‘OK’

Flickering occurs when you use any application. Disable the application and then check

If your phone screen flickers or shakes while you are using it, it is possible that that application is the culprit.
Reinstall the app and test your screen’s performance. The application is responsible for the flickering. You can also check out our other solutions if it flickers.

Reset Display Settings and Check

Unexpected bugs in the brightness settings of your phone could also cause flickering on your phone’s screen. The auto-brightness setting is usually the culprit.
The setting adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the data from its light sensors.

Sometimes, however, there may be a hardware problem or software glitch. This could result from a recent update or an out-of-date software. You might experience flickering or shaking on your screen.

This can be avoided by disabling the option and setting your display settings in the Settings section of your phone.

If your phone flickers all the time

Professionals can only fix the problem if the phone’s screen keeps flickering or glitching even after trying all other fixes.
Locate a nearby service center and bring your device. You can find the closest Carcare center near you for Infinix, Itel, and Tecno users.

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